About us

LSI is a certified language service provider with many years of expertise in three business areas:  

  • Specialist translations
  • Language training
  • Intercultural training

The translation and training requirements of global companies can be outsourced to LSI in their entirety or in part. Our back office runs projects and controls processes in companies both in Germany and internationally.

Our services are prepared and provided in accordance with an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system and in cooperation with an expert communications and relationship management team. As well as our regular team of employees, we have a carefully selected team of translators and trainers at our side, located all over the world.

We are transparent in our methods, and focus on processes and solutions for our customers. HR teams, as well as departments responsible for technical documentation, marketing and business communications, are allocated a specific contact partner with us – a partner who will be ready to work with you seamlessly from the very beginning of our partnership.

We take data protection seriously, here at LSI, and the implementation of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) ensures we are able to handle customer data sensitively. The implementation of BDSG was audited by one of our largest customers in February 2016.

Customer and employee satisfaction are truly central to our daily work. Our starting point is always as one with the perspective of an internal department within our customer’s company. Expertise, trust and respect connect LSI with our employees and freelancers. It is through expertise, trust and respect that our team of freelancers and permanent staff become ever more connected to your company and your business objectives.

Company Director

Ulrike Horstmann

LSI was founded in Berlin in 1999 by Dr. Ulrike Horstmann, PhD in German Literature, University of California, San Diego.

The vision and methods of Language Services International are rooted in my long stay in the USA. My inability to speak the language upon arriving and the unexpected culture shock I experienced in the USA have stayed with me ever since.

International communication is more than just knowledge of a language. It is the subtle reflection of an intercultural encounter. I understand the difficulties that this poses. But I also understand the success and the joy that arise when language competence and intercultural sensitivity are brought together. This is the source of my motivation.”


We are an international network of language and intercultural communication specialists.

Our dedicated translation team are committed to achieving the highest standards and exclusively translate texts into their native language. We work solely with those translators who specialise in a particular field such as medicine, pharmacology, orthopaedics, biotechnology, IT, law, technology, transport and business administration.

Our language trainers are primarily native speakers. They are certified as language trainers and possess a university degree as well as practical experience in business, science, technology, law, politics or culture.

Our intercultural trainers are certified subject specialists, psychologists and coaches. They convey practical guidance for successful business interaction with international colleagues and companies. They are here to support our customers with international projects.

Our Customers

Our customers include DAX companies, public bodies and international law firms, as well as business enterprises and global market leaders from various industries. For legal reasons, we cannot name any of our customers on our website.



Data Protection

In 2016, LSI implemented the legal requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act. Our data protection representative carries out regular training sessions with our employees to increase awareness.

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